Thursday, 12 July 2018

Top 10 Creative Gift Ideas For Husband’s Birthday

Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy a special gift for your husband, one that would make him think of you every time he used it? It means that you, as his wife, really care. 
So here are some ideas that a wife can use as unique birthday gifts for husband to keep him thinking of her.

1. A Wrist Watch with a Special Band

A unique wrist watch is a great idea. Men value wrist watches, and he would really appreciate if you ensured it was a unique one, probably with a custom-made band. Every time he looks at his watch, he will think of you. This is one of a wife’s best handmade gift ideas for husband.

2. A Wallet with a Wife’s Touch

One pocket-friendly item men can hardly be without: a wallet. You can add your own special touch to this essential item by having special words like “I Love You” written or sewn on the wallet so he can read it every time he takes out his wallet!

3. His Favorite Perfume

A perfume is another item a man can appreciate, as long as you get it right. It is good to know his favorite perfumes, otherwise you might get him unhappily stuck with a perfume he only wears faintly just to please you!

4. A Bedside Clock

A bedside clock is among the creative birthday ideas for husband that a wife can have. Your photo together can be taped on the clock. All in all, he will remember this whenever he wakes up or before he goes to sleep when he looks at the clock.

5. Make the Day Special

Just making the day special for him is among unique birthday gifts for husband that a wife can arrange. Cook his favorite food, try to put on the dress he likes best or the hairstyle he likes best (yes, this is enough to make him happy). And give hints that even in the bedroom it will be special.

6. Unique Key Holder

Another good idea among handmade gift ideas for husband is a key holder. If you are creative and gift him with a handmade key holder, especially with your own personal touch or with some endearing words written on it, you will have granted him a daily reminder of your love for him.

7. A Biro

Just a biro pen? Yes, a good executive-style biro may seem like nothing, but most men would appreciate the gesture. Especially if it came from somebody he cares about.

8. A Nice Belt

Men love belts. Getting him a nice belt, whether it is his birthday or not, is another way of getting him something that he will actually use, and not only use but remember your gift every time he wears that belt. And once again, you can give the belt your own personal touch.


9. A Bedside Lamp

You can change the lighting in your bedroom to a more romantic lighting and gift your husband at the same time. It will serve both of you, but you can still give it to him as a gift. That is another gift that he is guaranteed to remember every night!

10. Phone or iPad Case

You can get him a special phone case or iPad case. Why this may be considered as one of a wife’s creative birthday ideas for husband is that you can be creative with a phone case to make it special.

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