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Lean Manufacturing Consultants

Now, there are several consulting firms which assist organizations to incorporate the lean method into their manufacturing methods. The consultants supervise, guide, and jump-start organizations in becoming lean in their manufacturing, product expansion, and supplier relation activities.

Lean Manufacturing Consultants work with you in improving your lean approach, prioritizing the required changes, and performing them to the time of self-sustaining constant growth.

The initial stage in lean methodology starts by forming a clear understanding of how your business formulates its products. Lean Consultants evaluate the current methods to recognize particular gaps between actual operations and absolutely lean ones. This analysis includes scheduling, inventory administration, client service, communications, and quality, by questioning key employees, analyzing procedures, and recognizing all methods that take place in your company.

The next stage identifies avoidable expenses by recognizing wasted stuff and work responsibilities through Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) studies, degrading setup times, and executing 5S techniques.

The third stage includes a reduction of variability through enhanced flow and quality by concentrating on effective operations and reducing error. This method includes optimizing the speed of work, duration-of-use fabrication, entire productive subsistence practices, poke-yoke, and use of multiple analytical lean tools.

In the fourth stage, a demand-based pull method is measured and performed to lessen overall inventory, request turnaround time, and works in process. "Just In Time" and "Kanban" methods are also proposed to increase lead time and decrease inventories.

The final phase concentrates on Method Control - the starting of a continuous enhancement procedure. The QGS consultants also give complete on-site training for all stakeholders, comprising the use of simulations and building a foundation which will support the company succeeds Operations Excellence.

Eventually, the QGS consultants will inspire a culture of constant improvement into your business and build key performance indicators that administrators can use to fine-tune their overall achievement.

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